Inexpensive Homemade Nature-Themed Wedding Invitations

Published: 12th March 2012
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Homemade wedding invitations are the perfect way to invite people to join you on your special day, and making nature themed wedding invitations can be very inexpensive. This article will discuss three inexpensive and homemade nature themed wedding invitations.
Leaf Print
A unique nature themed wedding invitation can be made using leaves. You can use all different kinds of leaves for this homemade invitation; you will also need inexpensive cardstock, a hammer, wax paper, and a marker.
Start this homemade invitation by placing the leaves in between the wax paper and cardstock. You may want to tape the leaves in place on the wax paper to create the pattern you want. Then place the cardstock on top of the leaves and lightly tap the paper with the hammer. This will cause the leaves to make an imprint onto the paper, and this light design makes a great background for your wedding invitation.
To finish this inexpensive nature craft simply write the necessary information on the cardstock, fold it, and place it in an envelope. This nature wedding invitation is a unique homemade idea that is also inexpensive to create.
Pressed Flowers
Another inexpensive wedding invitation can be made using pressed flowers. For this homemade craft you will need several books, flowers, scissors, glue, a paintbrush, cardstock, and a marker. Start this inexpensive wedding invitation a few days early by cutting the blooms off of the chosen flowers and placing them flat inside a book. Place several books on top of the flower filled book, and let the flowers dry for a few days. You can find pretty flowers inexpensively in nature, or at local florists.
Assemble the invitation by folding the cardstock in half and writing a nice message on the front. Add the important information to the inside using the marker as well. Use the paintbrush to add light layer of glue to the corner of the wedding invitation and place the flower on top of the glue. Allow the flowers to dry and your homemade invitation is complete.
Pine Cone Patterns
You can create a pinecone patterned wedding invitation that is inexpensive to make. For this homemade nature invitation you will need a pine cone, glue, wire cutters, cardstock, and markers. Start by folding the cardstock in half and writing a message on the front; also write the information about your wedding on the inside of the card.
Then use the wire cutters to snip individual petals of the pine cone off. Now use the pine cone pieces and glue to create a fun border on this nature themed wedding invitation. You can also make flowers with the pine cone pieces by surrounding a small bead with individual pine cone pieces. After this homemade invitation has dried it is ready to put in an envelope and sent to your guests.
When creating your wedding invitations remember to include all the information your guests will need. Directions, time, date, and instructions for responding to the invitation are all important information that should be included in your invitation. You can use markers to write the necessary information on the Wedding Invitations, or you can use a word processor program and a printer to print the information on the cards.Homemade wedding invitations are a great way to welcome guests to your wedding, and a nature theme is inexpensive and fun to create. Try these nature themed wedding invitations for your big day and your wallet and your guests will thank you!
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